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Flink is Europe’s leading instant grocery delivery service where customers can order groceries on the Flink app and get it delivered in just minutes via E-Bikes. Flink stocks a broad range of top brands and high quality fresh products. The company is one of the fastest growing startups in Europe and currently operates in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Austria, in more than 90 cities and out of more than 200 hubs.

Flink raised more than 1BN USD in funding and scaled its engineering team from 30 to 210 engineers from 2021 to 2022. This growth was made possible by our combined work and the platform we built that is still in place today.

Here is the story of how we helped Flink build a reliable, secure, and scaling platform on Google Cloud with full developer self-service and kept 100% positive customer feedback.

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Flink’s ability to scale rapidly whilst delivering a seamless customer experience required a reliable, secure, and robust platform that could sustain both, rapid growth on the customer side as well the onboarding of new delivery teams.

Flink approached Mineiros in February 2021 to help design and build a platform on Google Cloud to ensure future hyper-scale efforts.

Particular Focus:

  • Enable for rapid onboarding of delivery teams and services
  • Build a CIS compliant landing-zone for Google Cloud with Terraform that enables hyper scaling
  • Provide internal tooling for developer to self-service deploy managed Google Cloud services and projects
  • Enable developers to create and deploy a new service into production in less than 30 minutes

What we did

Together with Flink, we designed and implemented a cloud-native platform on Google Cloud that enabled Flink’s software delivery teams to onboard dozens of micro-services within months. We created a self-service approach that would enable Flink’s engineering teams to deploy & manage production-grade infrastructure on Google Cloud.

Mineiros implemented a CIS-compliant Landingzone for Google Cloud that provides Flink with building blocks that cover foundational elements of their cloud platform. These include multi-project architectures, identity and access management, governance, security foundation, network design and audit logging.

In addition, Mineiros provided Flink’s engineering teams with an IaC Service Catalog that allows them to deploy production-grade infrastructure.

We delivered this 3 X faster than traditional service providers.

Key achievements

  • Design and implementation of a platform architecture on Google Cloud that operates more than 1000 managed cloud stacks (each containing multiple grouped resources).
  • Provided CI/CD for self-service to enable autonomous creation of infrastructure in multiple projects, with change detection and preview in Pull Requests.
  • Implementation of a robust and CIS-compliant Landingzone for Google Cloud.
  • Implementation of an CIS compliant Infrastructure Service Catalog to enable teams to easily deploy production-grade infrastructure without having in-depth knowledge.
  • Enabled the centralized data team to self-service deploy and manage services such as BigQuery, Cloud Composer, Cloud Functions and Cloud Storage Buckets.

Why did they choose us

Mineiros is passionate about Open Source, we have a lot of well-maintained open-source code in our GitHub organization.

Mineiros is a demonstrated expert at integrating cloud and platform engineering as an independent and within growing businesses. Our position in both service and product development makes us uniquely suited to assist with any scaling tech company that builds on Google Cloud or AWS.

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