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The company started its cloud journey on AWS from scratch, requiring them to concentrate on application development without the need to solve the pain of running in the cloud. This traditionally is high cost and engineering intensive.

Informed have no dedicated platform team within the company and were searching for a partner that could provide on-demand, expert DevOps services. Allowing their engineers to focus on delivering mission-critical work.

The solution needed to be easy to maintain in the long run and required for a self-healing and maintained platform. The challenge was to provide Inform with a platform that they could maintain without hiring a dedicated team while still leveraing the scalability AWS offers.

What we did

We developed a complete greenfield setup on AWS using a multi-account Landing Zone based on our solutions such as the Landing Zone and Service Catalogue. This was key to being able to provide guidance from a very early stage that would be future-proof. Meaning the setup was entirely secure and robust that it could handle all levels of requests and business demands.

We provided an Infrastructure as Code environment with full CI/CD, which was the foundational layer for providing an ECS Fargate setup for pre-prod and production environments In addition, several managed backing services, such as PostgresSQL, have been provided.

Also, we built a data setup connecting managed AWS airflow environments to third-party tooling such as Snowflake, which allowed the team to make data-driven business decisions from day 1.

Finally, we provided a Grafana Cloud setup that helped Informed aggregate business metrics from several services and CloudWatch metrics and logs.

Key achievements

  • Self-Service: Enabled software and data engineers to self-service provision infrastructure.
  • Release frequency: Enabled teams to deploy multiple times a day.
  • Infrastructure efficiency: Changes can be easily promoted through different environments.
  • Automation. Reduction in human intervention to add new features and fix problems.
  • Allow for any Team size: Having everything in well-structured code allows small teams to deploy infrastructure but also allows for fast-growing the team in the future.

Why did they choose us

Mineiros expertise in all major clouds and our pre-configured solutions gave confidence to Informed to build a greenfield solution based on our curated open source technologies.

The initial project was to build a development environment that, once tested, would be successfully promoted to production in no time. As we have a well-documented and fully automated infrastructure lifecycle in code, we can easily grow our team in the future, knowing we did not build up any technical debt compared to manually provisioning cloud infrastructure. This helps our clients be faster to market while maintaining a high standard of technical excellence.

Mineiros is an important part of our ability to maintain fast growth. Not only do we have a fantastic set of talented engineers working as part of our team every day. But, the entire 'Mineiros system' adds so much value in supporting project management, infrastructure support, code quality reviews and great process. Mineiros' support allows our engineering team to focus on core business.

Image of Moritz Lawitschka, Head of Engineering at Informed
Moritz Lawitschka
Head of Engineering, Informed

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