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Gaming is one of the industries that stands to profit greatly from Platform Engineering best practices. In terms of Cloud waste reduction, cost optimization, and developer-centric environments, the future is very bright.

Klang is an entertainment studio exploring the future of humanity through various forms of media. Klang aims to present deep, meaningful subjects in a way that’s captivating, easy-to-digest, and entertaining for all ages. At the heart of Klang is Seed, a large-scale, persistent virtual world that will redefine the MMO landscape and have a positive impact on our species. We aspire to bring people together through engaging media experiences and by building strong communities.


When Klang engaged with Mineiros in mid-2022, the company had an existing platform on Google Cloud that grew over time. As Klang was scaling their engineering team, they required a cost effective and secure foundational Landing Zone that helped them streamline best practices, security policies, and compliance guidelines in a centralized manner. Whilst enabling delivery teams to self-service create environments and infrastructure.

What we did

Based on our Google Cloud Landing Zone solution, we helped Klang to design and implement a Landing Zone that implements their organizational structure and configures best practices and security guidelines. Including CIS Benchmarks for Google Cloud throughout their organization. We provided a solid foundational cloud framework that allows Klang to scale their engineering teams, services and infrastructure in a centralized repository with full automation and a change preview in Pull Requests to teams to review changes easily.

Key achievements

  • Provided a foundational Landing Zone with full automation that enables delivery teams to self-service create new projects, environments and infrastructure following best practices and naming conventions.
  • Enabled safe and appropriate least-privileged access to services based on an IAM concept designed and provided for the customer.
  • CI/CD, Service Accounts for rolling out projects and organizational changes.
  • Implemented CIS Benchmarks for Google Cloud to ensure compliance and security best practices.
  • Implemented an organization structure (Organizations, Folders, Projects) that allows Klang to scale their engineering efforts as they grow.

Why did they choose us

The Mineiros Landing Zone as Code solution is the only mature Landing Zone solution in the market that provides a seamless and quick go-to-market compared to building from scratch and maintaining yourself. After an initial product demo, Klang did an ROI calculation and never looked back.

Mineiros really helped us build a powerful platform on Google Cloud that our organization needed, fast and highly scalable. Job well done.

Image of Oddur Magnusson, CTO at Klang Games
Oddur Magnusson
CTO, Klang Games

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