ModelManagement is building the leading model booking platform on Google Cloud

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  • Service Catalog
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ModelManagement is the world’s leading modeling platform that helps clients around the world source models and talents for their projects. It services 11,000 clients across the world, from Nike to SuperDry.

Interestingly, ModelManagement is one of the only platforms that is democratizing how photographers, models and brands book, connect and represent themselves with talent all over the world. With steady business growth, over 2 million models and 10 million tagged photos,

ModelManagement engaged with Mineiros because they were looking for a partner to help them build a platform on Google Cloud that improves their developer experience and enablement.

Increased Deployment Frequency
Change Failure Rate
Infrastructure as Code


ModelManagement approached Mineiros because they wanted to transform their software development process by adopting new cloud-native techniques so that they could bring more new features to market faster. For that, they needed a reliable cloud platform on Google Cloud implemented with Infrastructure as Code while allowing for knowledge transfer of best practices the internal team could follow. While ModelManagement was already using some Google Cloud Services, they didn’t adopt Infrastructure as Code because of the overwhelming complexity and lack of knowledge.

What we did

Mineiros helped ModelManagement to implement a multi-project architecture with Infrastructure as Code using our Google Cloud Landing Zone solution. Based on the Mineiros Service Catalog for Google Cloud, we implemented different GKE autopilot clusters for staging and production environments. A project for shared resources, such as a Docker image registry used by multiple environments was provided, and access was granted to the required services in the environments.

After the initial setup of the new platform, Mineiros migrated all existing workloads to the new GKE Autopilot clusters, and the old environment was decommissioned. Our CI/CD automation for Terraform allows teams to review, approve and deploy infrastructure changes in time. In addition, Mineiros provided a comprehensive observability suite that allowed ModelManagements’ developers to identify and resolve issues before causing a negative impact on their customers.

The idea of providing golden paths rather than golden cages is key. Mineiros helped us to build a platform that didn’t restrict developers but enabled them.

Image of Don Brown, CTO at ModelManagement
Don Brown
CTO, ModelManagement

Key achievements

  • Deployment Frequency was increased by 400%
  • Provide Continuous Integration and Delivery processes to ensure efficient change management and rollbacks
  • Enhanced capacity to scale by leveraging features like autoscaling in GKE Autopilot
  • Enabled full developer self-service that enabled developers to roll out changes quickly

Why did they choose us

Mineiros is a leading Google Cloud Partner that has created success for many Google Cloud customers in the past. Our Landing Zone and Service Catalog solutions for Google Cloud enabled ModelManagement to build a platform in weeks instead of months and provide them with a sustainable way of focusing on deploying and managing infrastructure without investing much time in their Infrastructure as Code setup.

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