How we enabled Suitepad to innovate faster by building a cloud-native platform on AWS

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SuitePad is hospitality’s leading provider of in-room tablets to replace traditional guest directories, served as an upselling tool and combined remote control and telephone in one device. Their portfolio also includes a BYOD solution, an interactive lobby screen, and the entertainment and streaming solution SuiteCast. The award-winning company helps several of the most renowned hotel chains and many independent hotels in more than 30 countries engage their guests in a digital world. To accommodate SuitePad’s internal and external growth, they were looking for a better platform. Please read below to learn how we helped them implement a cloud-native platform on AWS with IaC (infrastructure as code) that enabled full developer self-service.

Increase of Deployment Frequency
Reduced Rollout Times for Infrastructure Changes


When SuitePad approached Mineiros, they had an existing setup on AWS that grew over time and was managed manually through the GUI entirely. Their applications were deployed on EC2 instances instead of using cloud-native approaches with little to no high availability guarantees and observability in place.

For Suitepad, it was a business-critical decision to transform from their legacy approach toward a self-service platform by managing the lifecycle of their platform with infrastructure as code. The goal was to provide a production-grade and self-healing platform that is fully automated to enable developer self-service and manageable by SuitePads internal team without requiring the onboarding of further in-house talent.

SuitePad had a clear path to market and wanted to ensure its infrastructure was state of the art: Infrastructure as Code, automation everywhere, and full developer self-service. After an initial consultation, we were able to start work within ten days.

Image of Marius Tolzmann, CTO at Mineiros
Marius Tolzmann
CTO, Mineiros

A key requirement was that the solutions needed to be simple to maintain, and simple to understand so as to permit rapid and seamless onboarding of new staff.

Ultimately, SuitePad needed to swiftly lower their maintenance overheads whilst enabling developers to deploy more frequently. It was a clear goal for the business that their developers own the infrastructure of their services and that Mineiros design it for them. This was achieved by creating a platform that allowed developers to review actionable logs and metrics as well as alerts in Cloudwatch.

What we did

Mineiros designed and implemented a cloud-native platform on top of AWS ECS Fargate managed with Terraform. This rapidly reduced the management and maintainability overhead of managing EC2 instances for both services and backing services and the same time increased the reliability of the platform to 99.99%.

We achieved this by providing a new multi-account Landing Zone in AWS that SuitePad could use to easily onboard new developers and services through code with full CI/CD to enable developer self-service.

One of the key challenges was a seamless migration of the legacy environments to the new cloud-native setup. For that, Mineiros developed and executed a migration strategy that guaranteed a seamless migration without causing downtimes in production.

SuitePad’s new platform was built on top of the Mineiros AWS Service Catalog as Code which allowed us to create SuitePads new platform in no time.

Mineiros is truly committed to open-source and the team we worked with are experts in AWS. It’s great to see how easily we can deploy and manage new services by using their pre-configured service catalog. Now, our engineers can focus on delivering value instead of figuring out complex infrastructure configurations. Highly impressed.

Image of Alex Fong, VP of Engineering at SuitePad
Alex Fong
VP of Engineering, SuitePad

Key achievements

  • Enabled SuitePad to release smaller chunks multiple times a day with the ability to roll back changes immediately in case of bugs which significantly accelerated SuitePads delivery teams to deliver changes to production.
  • Implemented a new cloud-native platform with Terraform and full CI/CD with change detection and change preview in Pull Requests to enable everyone in the organization to review and apply infrastructure changes.
  • By providing SuitePad with a replicable infrastructure as code environment they can now create disposable pre-prod environments to test changes in isolated environments before they get rolled out to production.

Why did they choose us

Mineiros is passionate about open source. We maintain more than 80 open source projects in our GitHub organization and actively engage with customer and user feedback. Our pre-configured Service Catalogue for AWS allows us to implement complex cloud platform environments faster than traditional service providers.

With Mineiros, we found the perfect partner who was able to deliver the new platform that we needed whilst migrating the existing environment seamlessly. Very impressed.

Image of Alex Fong, VP of Engineering at SuitePad
Alex Fong
VP of Engineering, SuitePad

The initial project with SuitePad was an in-depth consultation and assessment that provided SuitePad with the confidence to partner with Mineiros to build SuitePad’s platform.

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