A secure and high-performingLanding Zone for Google Cloudas code

Automatically create pre-configured projects, infrastructure, and environments that are in line with security policies, compliance guidelines, and cloud-native best practices. Configured with Infrastructure as Code.

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Get your teams started faster and more securely

Fast Delivery

Enables delivery teams to self-service request new projects, environments, and infrastructure.

Security Foundation

Centralized management of identity and access management, security, compliance controls, and guardrails.

Cost Management

Enable teams to manage and reduce costs effectively through pre-configured billing dashboards and alerts.


Enable full service and application observability through centralized and integrated logging and alerting.


Fully automated rollouts and rollbacks with preview and change detection.


Enables least-privileged access to services. The landingzone is certified compliant by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

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The Google Cloud Landing Zone as Code is not yet available to the general public. For requesting early access, please book a meeting with one of our experts, who will give you an in-depth demo of the product.